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Guild Bounty guide with NPC pathing maps


Hey everyone, in the last couple days I have started compiling a Guild Bounty guide and with the help from members of various guilds (Immortals Reawakened, Agony Gaming, Dragons in Exile, Reddit Refugees, Midnight Mayhem) and friends we have mostly completed it. I am sharing it here for those who have not seen it and are looking for this kind of information.

Pathing Maps

The link show has pathing maps for all but 2 of the NPCs. Note that you will be exposed to spoilers in this link as you will see the NPC zone and their exact pathing pattern.


Pathing map is not available for Ander Wildman Westward and Sotzz the Scallywag as they don't exactly path. For Prisoner 1411 the map is a bit complicated as he actually disappears sometimes in his path and reappear again.

General Info about Guild Bounties

Guild bounties are sort of like a massive scavenger hunt for NPCs in various open world zones. The catch is that these NPCs are not stationary. Most of them path, some of them have pathing loop around the entire zone that takes as long as two hours to complete. Some NPCs are also disguised, increasing the challenge in finding them.

Once you have started a guild bounty, you are given a strict time limit to find either 2, 3, or 6 NPCs and **** them under a very short time limit. If you have a large search party (i.e. 50-100) people, this is very easy as you have the manpower to cover pretty much all the zones. However, for smaller groups, this can be incredibly challenging as sometimes you can spend most of that time limit just to find a single NPC.

Reddit user eternitymango showed me something I really like the other day. They showed me a pathing map for a Guild Bounty NPC. By using this pathing map, you can drastically narrow down your search radius by focusing on the path that the NPC takes. This will save a significant amount of time for both small and large guilds doing these bounties. The challenge is still there as you have no idea where the NPC could be on their path anytime but it reduces the search from finding needle in a haystack to something more manageable.

I took this idea further and started doing pathing maps for other Guild Bounty NPCs. With the help of members of many guilds and friends we were able to compile pathing maps for most of these NPCs. The result of this work can be seen in the link above.

Guild Bounty NPCs

This is a list of Guild Bounty NPCs we have came up with in the last couple days. I think this covers most of the NPCs. All of the Guild Bounty NPCs have a gold star on their head and is at champion difficulty. They will be appear green (friendly) to everyone and cannot be attacked unless the guild officer/leader with the guild bounty talks to them and activate the hostile option. They seem to respawn immediately after ****** but currently their spawn location is unknown.

  • Ander Wildman Westward
  • Bookworm Bwikki
  • Brekkabek
  • Crusader Michiele
  • Deputy Brooke
  • Devious Teesa
  • Diplomat Tarban
  • Half Baked Kamali
  • Poobadoo
  • Prisoner 1411
  • Shaman Arderus
  • Short-Fuse Felix
  • Sotzz the Scallywag
  • Tricksy Trekksa
  • Trillia Midwell

Some other notes

  • You need Art of War 5 and 30k influence to research Guild Bounty (takes 60+ hrs).

  • This week if you run Guild Bounty and reach the merit cap (25), you will be able to unlock Guild Trek next week.

  • You get a chest with Guild Commendations (2) if you participate in killing of a single Guild Bounty NPC within the time limit. Only successful **** of the required number of NPCs within the time limit will grant your guild merits. This chest appears to be on a weekly timer (reset day unknown)

  • Guesting will not reward you with Guild Commendations, even if you are in the same guild and repping at the time of the ****. All you will be getting is some karma, coins, and experience (i.e. same as if you finished an event). This means that you must do Guild Bounty with a guild on your home world. It is currently unknown if this is a bug or intended.

  • For best success chance at Guild Bounties , it is recommended that you have members go out in the open world to track down these NPCs and follow them before activating the Guild Bounty. This way, you know exactly where the Guild Bounty NPCs are before you start the timer.

  • For a bit more general info on guild missions, please see this guide: http://dulfy.net/2013/02/26/gw2-guild-missions-guide/

  • Special thanks to the following people for their help in making maps: eternitymango, Ezmode, Lady Alderea/Ferrum Blacktide, and members of Immortals Reawakened, Agony Gaming, Dragons in Exile, Reddit Refugees, Midnight Mayhem)

submitted by dulfy
[link] [30 comments]


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