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Ash Legion Spy Kit user guide


Ash Legion Spy Kit user guide

The Ash Legion Spy Kit has got to be one of the best consumable in the game, yet it seems not to receive the attention it deserves

It has countless uses, and Im always finding new uses for it. Heres a mini user guide I wrote up to encourage you to get some and start using them. Youll soon have 250 on each of your toon !

  • Positioning in bag

    Since its an emergency situation item, its placement in your bag and easy access is very important. I always leave mine at the left slot of my last bag. What I do when I know Ill need to use one is open the inventory window, resize it so I only see one or two rows, then drag it all the way to the right, between minimap and quest status.

  • Stealth capture a commune with this place of power skill point

    Very, very useful. Simply dodge in, pop one up, commune and run away.

  • Stealth rez

    I think this is one of the most useful and often overlooked item for any dungeon. Team mate down? Dodge in, pop one up, and rez. You wont attract mobs. Team mate dead in the middle of 10 mobs? Get one or two people in, pop a spy kit and rez. 10 seconds is enough to get him up.

  • Dungeon switches and other timers

    For example in the dredge fractal. You can trigger the entire control panel using the spy kit, or in CoE path 1, during the alarm room, you can safely trigger them without getting aggrod. Use your imagination for other situations.

  • Stealth a resource node

    Popular use, especially for the rich orichalcum at the karka place

  • Break agro (don't **** your team mates)

    The most useful feature of them all, breaking aggro. Using the spy kit instantly breaks aggro and the monster will run back to its original position. This is a life saver, especially for dungeons. Running back from WP? Make sure to pop a spy kit before reaching your team so you dont drag half the mobs along with you. If all 5 of you have a kit, you can run past mobs, then pop the kit before going into another group, saving your skin.

Sorry, I don't know how to format reddit posts.

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