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How do you build/gear an Elementalist for COE/Arah?


How do you build/gear an Elementalist for COE/Arah?

I feel like my ele is completely useless in CoE or Arah. There is currently nothing I can pick that would make me take her over my guard.

The problems I'm running into are is that my guard, in full clerics, out dps my ele, when I have to dodge a lot. I'm also starting to secretly feel that my guardian flat out does more dps then my ele unless shes on staff. And that I cannot use staff in dungeons where cast time will **** you. The same applies for scepter dagger. Want to get off that might combo for alpha in path 2 or 3? You better have arcane shield and that has a long cool down. I also feel like when running around Lupis that my gaurd brings so much more to the table.

The reason I love the ele is all the control they bring to fights. But that is already lost a fair amount in dungeons because of unshakeable on every boss and even most the mobs are immune to a scepter/dagger or dagger/dagger cc.

Please help me. I really want to take my ele without feeling like a complete waste of space. I would love advice on builds and armor and weapon selection. Just everything. And a reminder here that I don't need help for some of the simpler dungeons such as AC or TA but the later ones.

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