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www.orrmaps.com - create, share, and rate orr maps by server, per day



you can create, share, and rate nodes by server. maps reset nightly each user can add ori nodes to their map by clicking - they can also be dragged. change your server by using the menu on the top right.

if there is interest in this project, I'd like to extend it to include ancient wood, server maps where clustered nodes group together, and other various features.

the site is still a beta. I worked on it mostly drunk and late at night. email me orrmaps@gmail.com[3] if you find any issues.

hope you guys find this useful

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Short Title: www.orrmaps.com - create, share, and rate orr maps..
Full Title: www.orrmaps.com - create, share, and rate orr maps by server, per day
Raw Date: 2013-09-30 12:39:54
Nice Date: 12:39 pm, September 30, 2013
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www.orrmaps.com - create, share, and rate orr maps by server, per day Incoming Search Tags

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