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Best Classes for WvW

Honestly, I do have to say WvW is by far the greatest implementation to Guild Wars by ArenaNet, but it is sided to certain classes, or people naturally like to mob.

Basically, I believe the best classes for WvW have to be Ranger, Warrior, Guardian, and Engineer (In some cases).

What I have seen in my 15 hours of WvW is Thieves, and Elementalist being face stomped by crowds of Warriors, Guardians and Rangers at the same time. In fact, I saw a thief that shadow stepped to a lone enemy bursted him to near *****, but as soon as he got him low enough, his entire team beasted the thief back to Lions Arch. Also, when playing as a Elementalist meteor shower spams by multiple Elementalist may be efficient for 5-10 seconds, but Warriors with that crazy *** leap * them over extremely fast.

I believe, the Ranger may be a good in WvW because they have strong Ranged damage that only a Elementalist could match, but they are too busy being harrassed with their low survivability, where as a Ranger that takes use of his evade and barrage while staying in the mob of warriors can take out large groups at a time.

The Warrior has the power of numbers and strong survivability and can unleash disasterous bursts while taking damage like a beast.

Same with Guardians especially with the correct set of boons.

I could be wrong, but this is just my opinion.


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