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A GW2 map that displays all of the active events near you in real time


A GW2 map that displays all of the active events near you in real time

I made a program in Python that you can leave open on a second screen to show all of events in your zone. Using the new mumble interface, the map will follow you around when you change zones or servers. There's no web interface, this pulls data directly from the guild wars API and displays it on your screen.

To run, start up GW and then run the exe.

The download is here

The source here all here


Note that you will need pygame to run this from the source. This was made in python 2.7, on Windows 7. I haven't tested it with any other systems.

This is fully function, but not totally polished. I do plan on working on this more in the future, and I'd love to hear what features you all would be interested in.

Edit: Updated, you can now click on event circles to see the event name and level. Also loads twice is fast (subject to bandwidth limitations)

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