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Cracking the Mystic Forge : Experiments with Dyes, Armor+Weapons, and Signets/Runes/Upgrades


Basics: * Forge is located in the Center of the Traders Forum in Lions Arch. * Generally you place four items of the same rarity level and type (weapons can mix with armor, signets can mix with runes and gems) and receive 1 item in return.

My Recent Experiments:

What I have learned:

  • Four of the same slot item (head. chest) returns the same slot NOTE: Not the case if identical weapons are used
  • Any mix and it spits out something random, it doesn't select your random based on the ones you put it. (if random, i still dont know)
  • You can get karma items, regardless of whether you have the heart from the forge
  • This raises the average level of item coming out, even if it doesn't raise quality level.
  • Whites can give blues, blues can give greens, and greens to yellows

Want to know

  • Are there recipes and what are they? Dyes are what I wanna test, seems feasible they could have recipes based on RBG levels or something.

  • What the hell goes with the cake (any type) and the daily questing coin reward.

  • Does the item types affect the item type output?

  • Do the input item stats have any bearing on what comes out?

  • Almost every item shows up in ingredient list as if there is an available combo (following discovery tab logic) I s there really a recipe or does every thing show up regardless?

Things I still need further confirmation on:

  • The Crystal shard (bought with gems) for the forge is like a universal piece and can be used in place of any item or quality level (tested white through yellow) Do not know if it affects outcome positively or negatively.

  • I wear a magic find suit, I think it helps.

What could be useful:

  • I dont know jack about color theory, if anyone did and wanted to check out the dye video and tell me if it is plausible that the dyes combine like they would be expected it could save me some trouble. I am thinking they either could use the RBG levels in some way, or a simpler method that utilizes their coloring groups and maybe its random from there.
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Short Title: Cracking the Mystic Forge : Experiments with Dyes,..
Full Title: Cracking the Mystic Forge : Experiments with Dyes, Armor+Weapons, and Signets/Runes/Upgrades
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