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GW2 Camera Tool. Have you been banned? Has anyone?


I recently tried out the GW2 camera tool, to try an FOV increase. I bumped it up to about 95 degrees, and I am very happy with what GW2 looks like with this sort of FOV. So much better than the standard, and even significantly better than the increased FOV test.

However, I am worried that I might get banned for using this tool, and AFAIK the stance on any 3rd party tool is 'don't use them, you'll get banned'. So, do you know anyone who has been banned because of using the FOV increasing camera tool?

submitted by bloodfail
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Short Title: GW2 Camera Tool. Have you been banned? Has anyone?
Full Title: GW2 Camera Tool. Have you been banned? Has anyone?
Raw Date: 2013-09-30 08:33:59
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