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Precursors - Should a super rare drop or mystic forge chance be the only way to get them?


Precursors - Should a super rare drop or mystic forge chance be the only way to get them?

Just what is a "Legendary" weapon anyway?

Does it represent:

  • The time and effort you spent crafting it.
  • The insane amount of grinding yellows and throwing them in the forge you did.
  • The fact you were lucky enough to randomly drop a precursor.
  • The fact you can afford ~$800 in gems to buy a precursor.

I really think that precursors should have a defined path toward getting them. The fact that you can throw 4 yellows or 400 yellows into the forge and have the same chance of getting one really detracts from their "specialness" to me. It's more a lottery than any test of skill or, more realistically, ability to grind out repetitive tasks.

The precursor drop rate being so insanely low, along with no way to craft them, has led to some really stupid pricing on the TP, 400 Gold? that's over $800. Who can afford that?

After the game matures, and the ME FIRST people get their legendaries, I'm sure the price of precursors will plummet like a stone, but right now it's just silly.

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