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TA Explorable Forward - Up path seems too hard after recent update


TA Explorable Forward - Up path seems too hard after recent update

I've done every path in this dungeon before the update, the final boss was usually quite easy except on the forward-forward path with the pink trees, but last night we found the forward-up boss to be impossible for our team, we had 3 good players ( the guardian and mesmer are my guild ) 1 seemingly average ( necro we met the night before ) and 1 questionable ( the 65 warrior ), so we expected to win.  

Firstly we tried pulling the spiders into the tunnel and AoEing them down as you would, but they overpowered us so much that we had to retreat and could never get them cleared to even hit the boss.  Second we tried circling the boss and watching each other to remove the roots, that didn't work as you can see, I was running with retreat, save yourselves, virtues etc etc and I died within about 15 seconds of entering the room, each spider has ranged poison attacks.

We could probably win if we used 3 eles and 2 staff guardians, line of warding wall of reflection triple meteor shower, staff spam etc,  but we shouldn't need to,  has anybody else had the same issue with this dungeon ? what are the other paths like now ?

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