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T3 Racial Armor Needs to be Exotic or Prices Drastically Lowered


T3 Racial Armor Needs to be Exotic or Prices Drastically Lowered

I've been working up the gold for a full set of T3 Sylvari armor and went and looked at it again and came to the conclusion that it's just not worth it. You're basically paying for a set of skins that you don't even get to transmute like the skins on the gem store, you have to use a stone to get the look you want.

These items are incredibly overpriced for what they are and ANet needs to look into making these either more attainable, or go all the way with them being prestige armor and upping their quality to Exotic with the stats to match. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I on my own here?

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Short Title: T3 Racial Armor Needs to be Exotic or Prices Drast..
Full Title: T3 Racial Armor Needs to be Exotic or Prices Drastically Lowered
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