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GWSCR.com - Your one stop destination for everything end-game/high-end PvE in Guild Wars 2!


GWSCR.com - Your one stop destination for everything end-game/high-end PvE in Guild Wars 2!

Hello everyone,

Today we present to you, the new GWSCR.com. It hopes to be your one step destination for end-game/high-end PvE content in Guild Wars 2.


  • Dynamic auto-updating "Happening Now" section on the home page so as soon as you load the site you can quickly find something to jump into in-game
  • Up to date Guild Wars 2 news/game updates
  • Featured build/featured guild sections
  • Auto-updating and graphical group finder (LFG tool). Each row on the group finder contains a /join code. Click it and copy and paste it into Guild Wars 2 to attempt to join a group.
  • Auto-updating and graphical events tracker for popular events by world. If you scroll down past the table header, hover over a green marker and it'll tell you what event it represents.
  • Frequently updated list of Guild Wars 2 resources
  • Guild Wars 2 dungeon records table
  • Community discussion forums
  • Backwards compatible back to IE7!

Though it has many features, the site is mainly for guilds and individuals to share and claim ownership of accomplishments, or records as we call them. In the past it has proven very competitive and has had a massive guild following from the high-end PvE community.

Think your guild completes CoE the quickest? Prove it!

Think you can beat the listed times? Go out and try, and then post it and prove it!

This creates a new dynamic to end-game content and gives interested guilds an additional objective!

It's simple to do:

Register on the site, and then post your record in our dungeon records forum for glorification on our records page!

We hope to see you soon, be sure to spread the word, and all feedback is welcome- we love building ideas!

P.S. Stay tuned: we will soon support jumping puzzle records and are currently taking early submissions here.

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