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Been there done that achi and title - no reward, and Anet response


Been there done that achi and title - no reward, and Anet response

Hello everyone, I am uZu, and I am overly pissed @ Anet's costumer service.

As a start, I must say that I enjoy GW2 a lot and I think it is an amazing game, however, it's costumer care/support (even if it's a one time purchase no sub game!), is just downright bad.

Thus, my story beggins, just as I've read threads upon threads of similar posts describing the exact same issue I have, but my story has a twist to it, and it simply makes me feel ignored and wronged, badly wronged, with an attitude that I think concerns each and every one of us. Having been treated the way I feel I have been treated, I have no other option but to let everyone know about this, and maybe guide me through my problem (most likely much better than the ppl paied to do it did).

Somewhere in april, I kinda took a break from GW2 due to IRL problems that required my full attention and spare time. In the mean time, and over my months of play since release, I've slowly moved towards the 100% map completion. I have come across other bugs before, in many games and in GW2 and I never felt overly bothered by this. Anywayz, my last two objectives were situated in Eternal BGs, a POI and the vista @ the Red Keep. I have patiently waited for my server, Underworld, to rotate into that spot. This year (2013), that 1st rotation that I was aware of, was in april. At that time, I was unable to login, in order to secure my last two objectives, that sepparated me from 100% map exploration. The other opportunity where our server moved into that spot (we never got to conquer Red Keep while I was in Eternal :">), was in may:

Weeks 20-21, 17-31 may 2013. This is where UW changed into Red   -> http://mos.millenium...hups/history/65

I logged in specifically to achieve this last goal, having waited quite a lot for this to happen (I never wanted to transfer just for this). In the mean time, I've read many many reports on how players didn't get this achi due to several reasons, most commonly: not having explored Chantry (I am a Whispers agent), haveing a UI bug where it displayed 100% while it wasn't really 100%, having ommited a reward in a specific map, and so on and so forth. So, as I progressed towards those last two objectives in Eternal, I made sure I had everything covered.

Thus, I went to Red Keep, I climbed the vista and the POI, and I got the achi. I still have it today! ...but... I never got a reward. Yup, no leggy on my thief unless I reroll, trade from another char, or buy one... I figured, hey, maybe it's a bug cuz it's been so long to get the 98%, so I went on a mad quest to read and try everything other people tried. I've went to every single map in the game, I've visited and gotten every single new and ol POI and vista in the game, I revisited Chantry and the others, I relogged, made an ingame ticket and so on. I was very affraid to contact support, since every single issue I've had with them ended up in utter dissapointment, usually just having a reply that stated the obvious. I spent a lot of time tryin to fix it, and IRL went back on me full force. I was deeply dissapointed.

After what has been over a month, I decided to restart playing and composed a ticket, detailing what and how everyhing happend. In order to make it all clear I'll just attach it here:

1st email:


About a month ago or more, when having rotated to the proper WvW Eternal BGs, I have managed to scout the last two objectives I had left in order to have 100% map completion. It has been a long standing goal, since that particular spot in the WvW took about 3 months to achieve or so. After having done this, I have received the proper title (as seen in attached screen and as verifiable in on my account, thief character). Noticing this, I figured a bug might be the problem, accordingly, I have logged out, read and applied all the fixes I could find on the internet, double checked for: chantry, other locations, other newer POIs (even tho I had 100%, achi and title), forgotten rewards on other maps (meaning going thru all the maps in the game and double checking), etc. In the end, nothing. After all this time and having reported an in-game ticket (that as usual, produced no results), I stand here, with a lot of time invested for 100% map completion, yet unable to craft a legendary on my main, the thief [insertnamehere].

Please assist me in resolving this long standing and annoying bug.



"Thank you for contacting the Guild Wars 2 Support Team.

We were able to verify that you completed the "Been there, done that" achievement, which means that you have a 100% Map completion on your account. Could you please tell us exactly what you are missing? If you are missing the rewards please provide us the exact time and date you completed the achievement and your time zone.

We are looking forward for your response.



"How could I know the exact time and date since that particular bug and IRL issues made me not want to touch the game for over a month? Why is there no date tag to the achievement? And as I have previously said, I am missing the rewards, yes, as you most likely can verify on my account.

Please let me know if you are going to help me or not, as every single costumer support issue Ive ever had was simply terrible and ended up in me doing someone else's job. So, insted of asking me such a downright embarrasing question as "the exact time" ive completed the achi, you could check my playtime, last log-ins and rewards. Then you will notice my achievement and zero rewards. Please don't tell me I' ve spent all that time in order to get 100% map comp. just to not be able to ever make a legendary w/o doing it on another char.


P.s. when: over a month ago, time zone +2 utc.

P.p.s. since I have the achievement, what else could I be missing?"

[I hope you understand that my attitude was not a very optimisitc and pleasant one. I think we really should get a bit more respect, even tho I am always awear what "costumer supporting" means]

2nd REPLY: "Hello,

In order for us to check your logs, we need at least the date you obtained the achievement as close as you remember. This information is important, so we can determine if we can provide you with your Gifts of Exploration. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, but we need a shorter timeframe to complete our investigation.

We will wait for your response.


understood, even tho it changed nothing, thus 3rd MAIL:

It was a very legthy mail that if requested, I will add to this cryout, but it would only add more to an already enormous post. In this particular email I explained and researched a more specific time gap in order to help them fix my problem with their bug. I specifically stated several facts.

ME: [...] "Thus, I logged in and got the last vista and POI there as stated in prev. emails. Afterwards, I've wondered around for hours in order to test out any possibility I could come across that might cause me to get achi but no reward. (that should also show up in the logs). After seeing that nothing changes, I proceeded to filing an in-game bug report with my problem. That is my LAST ENTRY until today, when I logged back into GW2, only to find that everything is exactly the same as I left it, including the bad support and and achi with no timestamp on it or reward. Thus, there you have it, my exact time that I grabbed the 100%. I simply was so disappointed after waiting so much that I simply quit the game. There is no other way to get a closer date than that on my side as I have no other records of it.

I EMPHASIZE that there has been NO OTHER login from my side into the game from 21 april until today, EXCEPT the date in may where I got my achi.

Thank you!


I find it somewhere between sad, infuriating and laughable that you basically acknowledge my attachment and that's it, requiring me to remember what day it was when I got the achi ..."

I have also stated that I believe my rights as a costumer a bit trampled on, yet again and that every discussion we will have might be used in order to get my case sorted in a civilized manner, not by "moving along who cares attitudes".

The reply later on, and after the abundancy of information I had given out, was:

SUPPORT: "Hello Player,

Thank you for getting back to us and provide us with that information.

I understand you did not receive your Gift of Exploration. While we would like to grant you a restoration of this item, we are unable to do it.

However, I recommend you wwo possible solutions to the problem you have experienced:

(1) Some players have found that their inability to attain world completion is tied to the Chantry of Secrets. If you revisit that zone, your exploration for that map will be reset and that may trigger your Map and World Completion achievements and resolve the issue.

(2) If the above does not work, another possible answer to the situation is that you still are missing a single Point of Interest somewhere in the game. Map points are rounded, which means that sometimes, even while your World Completion shows 100%, technically you are at something just below 100%. You can check each zone for a missing Point of Interest by opening up the World Map and hovering your mouse over each zone. This will show you the progress your character has made and you should be able to locate the final Point or Points of Interest that you need."

So there you have it. As usual, they tell me to do something I've already done over and over and stated so along the way, ending with a kind "go yourself user" as a convenient ending to my story, comming from a BUG that they have.

I just had to get this off my chest and I don't know how many others are out there in the same spot I am. Any suggestions besides shove off?

Cheers. uZu

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