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sPvP rank 100 title


sPvP rank 100 title

I like PvP in sPvP generally much more than the one in WvWvW. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of WvWvW but I have always liked more "Battlegrounds" style of combat than open world. Even though it's always freshing to do something different once a while.

But thing what I wanted to say is that sPvP rank 100 title is bad in my opinion because it's excatly same than what you can get from 25 Hall of Monuments Points.

These are copy pasted from GW2Wiki:

Ascendant - 25 Hall of Monuments points

Ascendant - Score 14,973,500 points in sPvP. Comes after Mist Walker.

In my opinion this isn't just right. Why there is even 2 same titles in the game? And how I do I know who really is at rank 100 when I see they in open world? Or somewhere outside of sPvP?

And why ArenaNet didn't give title to rank 100 sPvP players which is actually at least unique?

I just can't understand this. Someone who is wiser than me, please explain this to me.

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