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Critical thinking vs. Whining: striking a balance.


Critical thinking vs. Whining: striking a balance.

Last night I had an unexpected situation while running the Aetherblade Retreat with some guildmates. Everything went more or less smoothly until we hit Champion Frizz (the first boss). After a few wipes and lack of a better strategy, a member of the party absolutely flipped and went on a long and loud rant about: how bugged the dungeon was; how it was halving her Healing Power; how shes friend with a couple of developers (and how sad one of them gets when she says she doesnt enjoy an specific part of the content); and how the dungeon supposedly catered to a demographics who dedicate 20 hours a day to the game, even saying the game was purportedly punishing us for trying to **** the boss repeatedly. I tried to talk some sense into her head, saying how theres plenty of offerings for different levels of skilled players and how this dungeon was supposed to be challenging (since we currently lack this kind of content for PvE aside from the Fractals). She then turned on me, yelled some more and we had to disband the party. I went on to run the dungeon twice with different PUGs, only to complete it successfully and with no wipes and no exploits, even though I was one of the few ones who actually knew part of the mechanics of the dungeon. People listened to the briefings and adapted their utilities and weapons to each encounter.

This game has one of the nicest communities I have ever taken part in, especially on the Carnished Toast. However, one must wonder what is the use of taking such a negative approach when dealing with your frustration. I come from a background where life taught me to face challenges head-on, and I also I learned the hard way that the time spent whining can also be put to better use when you re-think and act. I am a very critical person, but it is very different from weeping my way through every task in life, be it a game or a job assignment.

While I do understand people have different methods to deal with frustration, I cannot help but wonder where does this sense of entitlement comes from. Yes, I have a very analytic stance about most of the content A-Net releases (Canachs Lair, I am looking at you), but do we have to dumb down every single piece of content so it is accessible to everyone? Arent we supposed to have challenging content that rewards people who pay attention the mechanics and patterns, while switching approaches whenever your previous strategy proved to be less than effective? Besides, what is it that every time some people do not like a piece of content, they go on saying that the game is dying and it is losing players because of ArenaNets choices? Is it a plague of Guild Wars 2 or is it present across other MMOs as well?

TL;DR: Less QQ, more pewpew?

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Short Title: Critical thinking vs. Whining: striking a balance.
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