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[TOOL]GW2 Boss Event Overlay


[TOOL]GW2 Boss Event Overlay

So as i wrote here I wrote an overlay tool for the Bonus Chests, which I now want to make public :)

It is written in AutoIt3(I know, noob lang, but I am a Webdeveloper and AutoIt is fairly easy :P). It MAY be recognized as a Virus(here an virustotal check, but this is a general AutoIt Problem. Enough about the Lang, here comes the Script! Also, its only tested with Win7 and Win8, dunno if it works@xp or vista :/

  • Provide an simple Overlay for GW2(run it in Windowed Fullscreen!)

  • Place it anywhere you want!(Movable @text areas)

  • Recognition of the Servername using the Filename(please name it Timer_YOURSERVERNAME.exe , for a list check this, please write the English name, so Timer_Kodash [DE].exe and not Timer_Kodasch [DE].exe)

  • Updating all 10 Seconds

Screenshort(german names, bad screeni cause i am @work atm :<): http://i.imgur.com/g4obm4z.png

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?htuize5d1scsdh4

Source(looks a bit bad :D): https://www.dropbox.com/s/lvot3ennjg074nm/GW2_timer.au3

If anyone wants an other Language, just write it and i make it :)



Re added the Maw and Melandru


Removed the Maw and melandru. Wll update a new Version with both later :)

submitted by Dauni
[link] [20 comments]

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