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SAB W1 Zone 1 Bauble Locations (WIP)


SAB W1 Zone 1 Bauble Locations (WIP)

I've been writing down the locations of where I've found baubles in Zone 1. Still haven't gotten the associate achievement, so I'm probably missing some. I'm not sure if the achievement requires you to gather every single bauble possible from enemies/furniture in the shop rooms, but if you guys see any other baubles that I've missed then please tell us where they are!


  • 1 baubel on top of the giant tree at the beginning
  • 1 bauble inside of chest at the beginning
  • 5 baubles inside of the hidden room behind the waterfall behind the beginning chest
  • 5 baubles inside of the hidden room across from the first checkpoint


  • 4 baubles from jumping on the treetops
  • 5 baubles on a lone hill (next to a monkey)
  • 20 baubles from chest at the top of the tallest hill
  • 20 baubles inside of the hidden room right next to the second checkpoint


(no baubles in the next platforming section)


  • 6 baubles inside of the hidden room accessed by using the jump boost from the checkpoint
  • 6 baubles from killing the Bee Dogs right after the checkpoint once they've gathered the gems from the flowers
  • 8 baubles (3 one-value, 1 five-value) from the maze preceding the Queen Bee Dog room
  • 10 baubles from killing the Queen Bee Dog (Protip: use the whip!)
  • 24 baubles from breaking the honeycomb guarded by the Queen Bee Dog
  • 5 baubles on a platform surrounded by barrels


  • 3 baubles from a tough jump right after the checkpoint
  • 10 baubles inside of the hidden room to the left of an incline


  • 15 baubles from the chest after breaking the prison


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