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Mesmer curtain versus guardian wall of refl..

Does the mesmer's curtain (when traited to reflect) provide the same amount of reflection as the guardian's wall of reflection? I thought I heard or read somewhere that the curtain isn't a..

Site to check the total TP prices of a Coll..

Soooo, I'm back with another website. I've made a Guild Wars 2 website list and the Precursor Rain before. This time I thought to myself, what would be fun to make with the new API v2? Well, ..

[Data-Mining] New outfits from the Hallowee..

Hello everybody, As promised with yesterday's data mining post here are the renders of the new outfits I found. For the first time ever I've done all races and genders in a single post thanks ..

Why do we want new dungeon paths ? And whic..

So, it has been 1 year since we last got a new path. "Everyone", or at least a big part of the reddit community, wants new dungeons paths. But here are the questions Why do we/you want new ..

(somewhat) new player here, have some quest..

Hey all! I started playing GW2 almost 1 year ago (350-something days ago) and have started playing again. My first go around I got a guardian up to level 20, then quit because I wanted to play with ot..

Need help from the guild wars 2 community

Hey everyone! So I'm posting this because I need some feedback/help! I've never played an MMORPG like guild wars 2, WoW or any other games like them. I've usually just been on console play..

Intricacy [iV] Story records [restricted] P..

link to part 1: http://redd.it/2ht7xg TA Story 6:18 Ranger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ZqV_s7RAk War added soon CoE Story 12:00 Thief https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNkkBrCF6eE ..

Incoming new Guild Wars 2 player!

Hi everyone. I'm a brand new Guild Wars 2 player (besides the fact I have done countless hours of research). I just bought the game 50% off, for $25 (Heroic) and am downloading it right now. Sadly..

New player with a (possibly) simple questio..

Hey guys. So, I decided to buy this game as a nice inbetween considering I've cancelled my WoW sub until the expansion comes out. So far, I really like the game but I've run into an issue that..

I was reminded why I stick with GW2, today.

Myself and a guildy were preparing for Teq, when the map was invaded by one of the larger "troll" guilds who set about trying to break apart people who had claimed turrets, defence teams, an..

Commander tag randomly disappears

So I just finished running my Exploration event tonight, and twice during the night my commander tag would just vanish. Everyone was in squad, and we're chatting, and suddenly I would see in squad..

On YouTube: Points of Interest: Episode 7

Last week’s Points of Interest livestream was live from Eurogamer Expo in London, where Rubi was joined by Elisabeth Kerstein. They took a look at one of the things about Guild Wars 2 that mak..

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