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[Vs] Sorrow's Embrace P3 (3Min51) [Restrict..

Hi guys, Virtual Squirrels [Vs] just did a new time on SE path3 with the new meta, 3.51 Restricted or 3.46 Unres. Mesmer (pov coming soon) War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih..

Just started playing, need some help figuri..

Hey everyone I just got the game 1 week ago and have really been enjoying it up until now. Currently I have a couple characters all around level 15 and am at a loss on what I do next. I have played a ..

Kicked party member remained in instance

Strange thing happened, we kicked a party member from our party but the person remained in the instance, outside of the party. That was so weird, did anyone see this before? http://i.imgur.com/phD8R3G..

Mega Servers, Missing Features & Large ..

Hi all, this is Ethic from [GC]. I wanted to make a post regarding some long-standing oversights in Guild Wars 2's implementation of "Guilds", some examples on how we've tried to wor..

Lawless Helm and Shoulders in the Gem Store..

A new week means new items and savings from the Black Lion Trading Company! Read on to learn about this weeks news! NewLawless Helm and Shoulders! Show off your re..

[Lore] Did you know #2: There is a myth of ..

Did you know? Most devourers have two tails, but there are some myths of a three-tailed devourer.[1] It is said that the three-tailed devourer is an image straight out of a nightmare.[2] Others believ..

GuildMag Issue 11 - Season 1 Lore Interview..

With Living World Season 2 inching ever closer, GuildMag presents a comprehensive look at Season 1 in our latest magazine issue. Including articles exploring Scarlet, her alliances, the attack on Lion..

I've gotten a lot of requests to make a Cha..

submitted by ProfessorWowa [link] [10 comments] ..

Something that just happened to me and I wa..

Hey there. So, basically, I made a ranger a few days ago and got it to 80. I'm in love with it, and since a few days I've been wanting the ascended longbow, because it's the best looking o..

SOAC GW2 Podcast Weekly Update - Your Profe..

Since most of the podcasts are up and running we will be doing a single weekly podcast update so as not to seem like we are spamming the site. you can check out our stream schedule here: http://sittin..

Witch's Hat gone forever from the game?

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Witch's_Hat Is this item gone? I talked to the armorsmith NPC, he deleted this hat, and I received a witch outfit, of which I already have 3-4 or so. Did Anet decid..

So how's your experience with Megaserver + ..

Just wondering about your experience here, since I know Arena Net are looking at this statistic as well to determine their next course of action. After all, Sparkfly and Bloodtide are the last maps to..

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