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[SC][LoD][ZoS] Fractal drop research 1500 d..

Hello everyone I wanted to share this with you guys, it has been a long time under way. Due to a minor loss interest in fractals. It has taken a while to get up here, but we are finally at 1500 daily ..

Necromancers and the Balance Preview

So, its been confirmed by Mark Katzbach that Necromancers and Guardians are not this week. While this is somewhat debatable for Guardians (who have some issues, but are still 100% viable in all game m..

so #occupysab2014 is going down in Rata rig..

http://oi58.tinypic.com/9jdj86.jpg Lotta commanders and a few anet tags are there. Might get interesting Edit: sorry i have min toon setting on. Here is a better pic of how many at there... The Anet ..

A different perspective.

I'm sitting here reading a lot of the complaints, concerns, and (sometimes) pure hate displayed on the subreddit amazes me. That said, many of the complaints are well-founded, so I figured I'v..

Good example why GW2 is awesome

Hey guys Today I cleaned up my inventory in LA and heard sweet sounds I walked to the source, it was a guy playing on his harp I sat down right infront of him and listened to his lovely play 1 by 1 ot..

Regarding Allegations of Bracket Fixing in ..

Hey all, Sireph from Mistpedia here, Mistpedia formed in 2013 with a focus on providing a platform for the Guild Wars 2 community to compete, grow, and have fun together. When Blu, Kenigmatic and I fi..

Belindas Greatsword, Ceremonial Plated Armo..

Its a bountiful week here at the Black Lion Trading Company. Not only are we bringing you Belindas Greatsword and the elegant Ceremonial Plated Outfit, but were also bringing back a wide array of ..

How Would You Change "X" World Boss..

So my server successfully downed Tequatl today. It was the first time I personally had even attempted the revamped boss since returning to the game and it was AWESOME. That single win was far more gr..

Gemstore update - Ceremonial Plated Outfit/..

New items Ceremonial Plated Outfit - 700 gems Pics (Human female): http://imgur.com/a/hwHW0 Other races/genders (adding more): http://dulfy.net/2014/08/19/gw2-ceremonial-plated-outfit-and-belindas-gr..

Ok Arenanet, so what are you actually worki..

Hi guys, this is my first post to reddit but I just felt the issue needed attention. Maybe, just maybe if there is enough attention given to this topic then the community team at Anet might flag it up..

Clarification of /r/GuildWars2 unrest

There's a lot of misinformation circling the subreddit at the moment. I feel that a lack of understanding regarding why people are upset is seriously damaging, especially if Anet do indeed observe..

It's time we revisit a revealing blog post ..

After all the complaints and rants about SAB not coming, I think it's important that we revisit a pretty telling blogpost from Josh Foreman last September during the second release of SAB. (link a..

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