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[IX] Sorrow's Embrace Path 1 Restricted Rec..

stuns and stuns and statics and stuns Warrior PoV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-6OIT4gBtQ Thief: Ele: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s403YJ91FnU&feature=youtu.be Ele #2: Guard: submitted..

Mawdrey II is happily eating our Bloodstone..

ANet listened to players when they asked for some way to get rid of their 50 stacks of Bloodstone Dust, and I must admit their solution is definitely nice! My inventory is slowly clearing up from all ..

Stop Recommending TP Flipping

It seems like every thread about getting gold has someone suggesting TP "flipping" as a reliable method. It isn't. I've been reading several posts here and elsewhere about what peopl..

[Idea] New Finishers

So when gw2 started doing the finishers I wasn't really feeling it. I guess the part that pulls me away is the fact that a lama appears out of no where and lights pop up out of no where etc. Don&#..

Playing the focus party in WvW

So I made this video about me playing the focus party in WvW: If you're interested please check it out (self-promoting sorry) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JRLDOBWPeg I noticed how little video..

[Guide] How to make lv10 fast without farm ..

As many of you knows, with the September Feature Pack now it's needed the lv10 to start the Personal Story. This is a relatively hidden nerf to the Black Lion Key farm. Now the faster way to make..

Question about Chieftain Foulbear and Dredg..

While "Sam" and "Commissar's Manifesto" are worth a fortune right now, I've been wondering whether events are on some sort of timer? Can i check it anywhere or is it totall..

Halloween, 4 episodes of Living Story, Wint..

So, we know LS will be coming back on November 2. Since the current break is supposed to be "mid season", we can expect 4 more episodes. If they stick to the two weeks intervals, that leads..

Hey guys! I made a trailer that shows my th..

submitted by Levi4than [link] [21 comments] ..

tagging players in wvw zerg?

Hi, I play a hammer/gs build in wvw and i have been having a hard time getting hits on multiple players in zerg fights. I try to use my hammer aoes and sword ww but guys seem to either flee or die too..

Dual Wielding - Does it increase my damage?

I have an Engineer that usually dual wields pistols, but I've recently start to try different things. Unfortunately I don't know the mechanics of GW2 that well so I don't know how wielding..

CDI - Guild Halls Starting soon

Chris Whiteside said that this week we would be getting a CDI on Guild Halls. I'd like to know what everyone thinks should be added to it. Proposal Overview <A short description of the proposal..

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