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Black Lion: Items leaving on 22th

^22nd There following items are on 6 day warning: Frost Wasp Logging Tool, Lion's Arch Survivors Dye Kit, Fancy Winter Outfit These items will be leaving on 22th or at least on 23rd, not sure how ..

TL;DR: Girlfriend is getting harassed by fo..

I've been playing GW2 ever since release and have been around the block with guilds and online assholes before. My girlfriend also plays but isn't as thick skinned as I am when it comes to peo..

Unfortunate side effect of Megaservers: No ..

I like what I've seen so far of the Megaserver system and I think it's the right call, however, one fairly major side effect for me that I haven't seen anyone talk about is the fact that n..

[Guide] Summary of the new Grandmaster trai..

Skip table for FAQ (will add more questions & answers if people ask them in the comments). Traitline and Acquisition Profession Trait name Description ##First traitline Elementalist Blinding ..

Destroyer Scythe in the Wardrobe

While going through the wardrobe I found this Staff skin. So I tried getting the skin but neither the wiki nor reddit search/this post had any info on aquiring the Destroyer Scythe. Does anyone have a..

Insane Legendary Weapon Effects

So with the new wardrobe system, there is a bug that lets you get insane legendary effects. The video shows Bolt (briefly), Incinerator, and Frostfang. They all have pretty cool effects. http://youtu...

GW2 has a content, not a feature problem.

I like the Feature patch. The PvP changes are atrocious, but since A.Net seems hell-bent on making GW2 into a PvE game, even that shit makes sense. It's not good, but it makes sense. Looking past that..

Stunlock Mesmer in Dungeons (vid)

Thanks to the new grandmaster, Power Block, it is possible to completely shut down certain champion bosses in dungeons and open world PvE. Here's a quick demo of me locking down my favorite punchi..

Very simple PvE timer webapp.

I tossed this together over the last few hours after a guildmate was having trouble remembering the new world boss schedule. http://robocafaz.com/magswag/#/timer Not all the location information is co..

sPvP Condi Guardian (Burninator)

Hello! I've got my new Condi Guardian build up and working and it's too damn fun. Here's some solo-queue footage from some testing tonight. Spirit Watch Solo-queue Weapon Sets: Greatsword ..

Some observations on pvp balance post patch..

So I have played quite a few games on spvp with the new patch and I thought I share some observations. Do note that this is extremely preliminary and I could be entirely off. Proceed at your own risk...

UI Tip: Simplify gear previewing in the war..

Not sure if anyone else has discovered this yet, but I did by chance just tonight. If you open the wardrobe at the bank, right click on a piece of gear and 'Preview' to open the preview windo..

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